Should Prepare for a Trial in your Personal Injury Case?

Going to court for your personal injury claim can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming for you and the other party involved. That is why you may want to settle out of court. But, experienced Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys who are committed to achieving the best results for you will take your case to court if they feel the insurance company is not making satisfactory settlement offers. If you are wondering whether or not to take your case to court, consider the following factors:

What the Insurance Company Offers

The settlement offer is often the main factor that determines whether you should go to trial. Insurance companies don’t always make reasonable offers until an experienced attorney gets involved. But, if the insurance company makes a fair settlement, your lawyer will advise you to take it.

Legal Costs

When your case goes to trial, legal costs may include attorney’s fees and the costs associated with the pretrial motions, discovery, and depositions. But, a lot of personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. Thus, you won’t have to pay legal fees unless your lawyer achieves compensation for you. 

Emotional Impacts

Going to trial can create more anxiety while you are still trying to recover from your injuries. Thus, if you think that a trial is too much for you to handle, you must talk to your lawyer and make your feelings known.

Work and Family Situations

Sometimes, going to trial can aggravate work-related issues or household tensions. Before you commit to a civil trial in your personal injury case, ensure you have fully thought about your work and family situations.

The Possible Outcome

Do you have the confidence that the outcome of the trial will be in your favor? Keep in mind that a trial like this can take a lot out of you and your family. Thus, you need to talk to your lawyer about your chance to win your lawsuit. 

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