The heterogeneity of language and how it affects you

Humans communicate with each other by means of language and speech. Language plays a key role in binding people together. But language is also a very diverse subject. You can find many variations to a single language in many different ways. You can find different grammatical rules, pronunciation fluctuations based on different regions where ye same language is used. This is what makes language so unpredictable. And this heterogeneity is one of the main drawbacks of languages. Because you may speak one or two languages, but in order to communicate with a foreign national, you will need to learn their languages, which is not a practical solution.

How important is English as a language in the present globalized world?

In order to solve this issue of language heterogeneity, countries had come together and recognized English as the major international official language for formal work. That is to say that if you are to communicate with foreign nationals, it is important that you know English because only English has the scope of being a common medium of communication. Not only to communicate but to pursue higher education in renowned universities, knowledge of English is a must. Apart from educational purposes, to pursue a career in any foreign company or in a multinational company, knowledge in English is almost compulsory. Most companies make it mandatory that applicants for a job in their company must have a basic understanding of English, which includes speaking, reading, and writing skills in English itself. Thus in today’s globalized world, it is very much important that you have English knowledge.

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