The Workplace Mobile Chat Guide

The Workplace Mobile Chat Guide

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A blessing in disguise from the pandemic is the work-from-home culture, which eventually has its pros and cons. On its excellent side, company administrators and employees both had the work-life balance that they have been looking for. But, on the other hand, physical remoteness among co-workers and the tasks gave them for consolidation and communication is a significant concern.

Call monitoring, work productivity, and other forms of communication between clients and employees are pivotal to business success, and without it, work and business can be compromised.

To monitor text messages and other communication forms, here are some effective communications in the workplace that one may consider:


As text messages are considered one of the best tools to reach clients, a close competition WhatsApp beat text messaging when it comes to productivity and other engagement metrics. According to statistics, 80% of WhatsApp messages are seen within 5 minutes, and its open rate is 99%.


Mobile and Social Media Communication

Aside from WhatsApp, mobile instant messaging tools like WeChat and Facebook Messenger have also preferred communication. However, while these IMs are easy to use, there is also a demarcation line between using them for business-related and personal matters—and that’s where TeleMessage may help retain mobile content to ensure compliance and follow data protection regulations.

Check out this infographic to learn more.

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