TSN In Automation And The Future Of The Industry

TSN In Automation And The Future Of The Industry

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Some consider the TSN network of TSN technology to be the last piece of the puzzle. That comes to unite the IT (Information Technology) finally and TO (Operating Technology) networks. This is because it allows for a wider network with more bandwidth. With different Ethernet protocols sharing the same network infrastructure. It is expected to facilitate the consolidation of the system and machine and equipment controllers in a larger and faster network.

Instead of diverse and disconnected control networks, all networks will be interconnected to the company, fulfilling the promise of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things). TSN networks will connect much more than equipment and machines, allowing access to looped controls and data, providing several advantages and applications.

As for use in Industry 4.0, TSN networks allow and facilitate:

  • Digitization of Things (IoT)
  • Value Chain Convergence (IIoT)
  • Use of Cloud Computing
  • High Speed ​​and Standardization
  • Main benefits of using TSN Networks:
  • High speed
  • Real-time
  • Flexibility
  • High Availability
  • Horizontal and vertical data (single)
  • Safety

How Can The Future Be?

The TSN network has been heading in a very promising direction, promoting many potentials, including streaming (distribution) of data packets. And that’s through a more robust industrial network with high latency reliability. Leading industries have adopted TSN technology and are integrating it into their existing engineering system and application profiles. A tablet being lifted under clouds, giving the idea of ​​technology. High hierarchy system controls and applications outside the factory can also work with centralized network configuration tools, which are independent of the application.

This entire scenario and the information discussed reveal a strong trend towards Industry 4.0, revealing its legitimate influence in the industrial market. And today, speaking more specifically of this expression in networks, in this case, TSN networks, we can see the bias of having the factory floor with great facilitators for intercommunication. Independent of the manufacturer or any obstacles for an environment that is as dynamic and flexible as possible.

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