Why Should You Opt For Air Parcel when sending Parcel Overseas?

Shipment means transportation of goods from one place to another through air, land or water. Shipment is an important aspect of business and e-commerce worldwide. People usually interchange the word ‘Shipment’ with ‘Cargo’. Shipment means the process of transporting goods by any mode. Cargo refers to the goods themselves. Air Freight is the method of transportation of goods via aircraft. The aircraft can be charter or commercial. The Airfreight industry is one of the booming trades of the century. It is a vital part of the global economy. It accounts for 35% of the global trade. In simpler words, this means that up to 35% of the postage sent overseas (ไปรษณีย์ส่งของไปต่างประเทศ, which is the term in Thai) are air parcels. It is used for high value and low volume shipments.

But there are a bunch of other advantages of the air parcel to consider:

1. Most express Shipping system

Everyone wants their cargo to be transported as fast as possible. Airfreight is the fastest mode of shipment among all other modes.

2. You can ship a parcel almost everywhere in the World

There are many places one might need to send cargo internationally. Some of those places might not have water networks or proper road networks. In such a scenario, what does the person do? The best solution to this question is Air Freight. Airlines have a broad network of depots that covers nearly the entire world. It means shipment can be sent or collected from almost anywhere.

3. High-level Security

Airfreight offers a high level of security as compared to other modes of shipping. Airport safety checks over freight are tightly controlled. It reduces cargo exposure to loss and theft.

4. More Reliability than other Freights

The arrival and leaving times of flights are the most reliable. Airlines have a strict schedule. Even missing a flight won’t cause much delay as regular flights are departing every hour.

5. You can get Low Insurance Premiums

Airfreight gives quicker deliveries as compared to other modes of transportation. It means that the insurance premium is also lower as compared to other modes of shipping. Even though air parcel (พัสดุไปรษณีย์ทางอากาศ, term in Thai) can be expensive, it returns savings in terms of lower insurance costs.

6. Local Storage and Cost Reduction

With quick transportation, airfreight has less need for local warehousing and storage. The cargo is cleared within hours of landing on the destination airport as the customs clearance, cargo inspection, and freight handlers are more efficient and quick. It also demands less packaging of cargo. It reduces storage and packaging costs.

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